Morgan Champion, and myself arrived in Sao Paulo but had no idea what we were about to experience. It wasn't a trip overfilled with activity as some trips are, but one in which we were able to spend personal time with individuals living there in Sao Paulo. More than anything, we learned to relax and hear and see what God was doing in the moment. One of my most important sermons came while I was relaxing with a cup of coffee on the top level of the missions base. I read Revelation 2, and taught the congregation on the subject of intimacy with God. I explained how intimacy with Him is so much more important than the works we do for Him. In turn, several of them would repeat to us the importance of coming to the feet of Jesus as did Mary Magdalene and also the woman who's daughter was possessed (Mark 7:25).

Morgan and myself had to step out of our comfort zones several times, especially Morgan as she shared part of her testimony and prayed for people in public for the first time in public outside her home church, none of which spoke English. I sang a song which my own father, Archie Jordan wrote decades ago for B.J. Thomas. The name of the song in English is, "I Need to Be Still." I've translated it into Portuguese and sang it at several churches, a hotel for hospital patients, and a Guacho (Brazilian Cowboy) dance in Curitiba.

The last several days I spent with a friend of mine names Antonio Valnei. He lives in the city of Curitiba, is a Guacho, and continues to minister in Curitiba and around the world, often as a mime. It was through him I attended and sung at the Guacho Dance, spent time with people from two of the youth with a mission's bases, and was invited to spend an hour at the house of one of the famous Gauchos named Guacho Juva there in Curitiba. Antonio has been a great friend and influence to me for many years.

The trip was not without hardships. I saw and experienced a few things that affected me deeply. But I learned and practiced, that as I lift my eyes continually to see what God is saying and doing, He is always there to speak to me and show me the good things that He is doing and will do in my life and in the lives of those around me (Psalm 121:1, John 5:19-20.) Thank you all for your prayers and support, and may you all lift your eyes continuously to see and receive the blessings that the Father has for us everyday.

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