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Don Crossland

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With over  50 years in ministry, Don Crossland, continues his ministry at Melchizedek Christian Church in Nashville, TN.  He has a national and international ministry to the Body of Christ through Seminars & Conferences.   In Don’s earlier years, he developed a national program for behavior addiction recovery and served as a consultant for several Christian psychiatric hospitals and professional counselors.  He has authored two books on the restoration process: Journey Toward Wholeness and Refocusing Your Passions. Don Crossland is also an instructor for the Christian Life School of Theology.

One of Don’s stronger giftings is prophetic teachings from the Scriptures, which helps each believer to experience maturity and completeness in Christ based on Colossians 1:27b, 28-29...Christ in you, the hope of glory: whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ. He also mentors several leaders in this process.


Don’s vision is to see the people of the body of Christ restored and serving God in their rightful position as kings and priests of the Most High God. He desires  to see the body of Christ once again come under the full authority and leadership of Christ Jesus.

Josh Jordan

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Josh Jordan is a minister and missions coordinator for Melchizedek Christian Church. Josh has traveled throughout East Africa as well as much of Brazil preaching the word, laying hands on the sick, providing for the poor, and ministering to the children. He studied mass communication at Trevecca  Nazarene University and employees this in his language studies and cultural interactions while abroad.


Josh exhorts people to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to them personally and to follow His voice with all their heart, that  we may be in perfect unison with Him and each other as we usher in His kingdom.

Currently Josh runs a coffee business, Brazilian Gold Coffee, with his step father Paul Van Hoesen and also writes screenplays.

Joshua Prior


Joshua Prior graduated from The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute, with a Bachelor’s degree in culinary management. In his studies of scriptures he is passionate about the allegorical and spiritual teachings as taught by some of the early church fathers, especially those who were discipled by the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ. In his teaching he will often tie both the old and new testament teachings of scriptures.

Joshua Prior has been ordained as a Minister at Melchizedek Christian Church.

Daniel Prior


Daniel Prior is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, with a major of Plant and Soil Science. He has an incredible gift of revelation and offers many insights into scriptures that provide further understanding to God’s word. In his teachings Daniel discusses the concept of “going beyond the veil” which is discovering the deeper truths that are veiled in both the old and new testaments. 


Daniel is also an active member of the worship team. He has been ordained as a Minister at Melchizedek Christian Church.

Eric Flowers

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Eric Flowers is a faithful member of the church and has served the church with his time energy and wisdom. Eric is currently a serving elder of Melchizedek Christian Church and is head of the Helps Ministry as well as the Mens Group. Eric is married to Brenda Flowers and has two children and three grandchildren. One of his strong giftings is in the area of finances offering wise counsel in many situations.

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