Brazil - 2013


The time Daniel Prior and myself spent in Brazil was very productive. Before we arrived in São Paulo, a fire had burned down much of the favela of Heliopolis. Over one thousand people lost their homes. We helped round up blankets to distribute to the people as the temperatures dropped rapidly. 

    The majority of our ministry took place in local churches located in São Paulo and in homes of people we knew. One of the messages which I preached in Portuguese was that of the prodigal son, giving my testimony of how the Lord have mercy on me even after my  worldly lifestyle.  At times, Daniel and I would preach and minister until nearly midnight. The people of São Paulo were also very much touched byDaniel’s teachings and begged him to return.

    We also spent time bringing food into the favelas and  ministering to those who live in those areas.  Quite a few of them ministered to us, inviting us in their houses and  giving us strong  Brazilian coffee and the Brazilian specialty-feijaoda (Rice, beans, and pork). 

    We have made many close friends in Brazil. I keep in constant contact now with several of the people and hope to return soon.