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Our mission trip to Brazil was amazing. My father, Archie Jordan,  played  the Portuguese version of his song “What a Difference You Made My Life”  in several churches in São Paulo.  Afterwards, several people came up to give their testimony of how his song affected their lives. His song, even though he was unaware, had been translated into Portuguese over 30 years ago and was being used all over Brazil during altar calls.  Christians all over Brazil  know this song, many of them, heard it during their conversion experience to Christ.

Sara Elliott, a member and intercessor in our church, had received  a vision for the body of Christ  in Brazil coming together.   She shared her vision and some of her teachings at several churches and was asked to pray for all the  intercessors at one of the churches.  The churches in Brazil were greatly affected by her ministry to them.

     I  preached at several churches, giving my testimony  of how God had set me free from the world, and how He is  showing me my true identity in Him.   Ten days I spent in the favelas so that I could spend time with the children on the streets.  I also spent some time with the adults, and even taught one English class. 

My greatest  ministry was with my friends and spiritual family in our sister church “Casa de Jesus”.  It is amazing to see how God is doing  such similar things in a church thousands of miles away.  For  months, myself and other teachers in our church have in preaching from  from book of Hebrews on the subject of Jesus Christ our high priest who ascended into the heavens,  but also descended into the deepest pits to rescue us. You  can imagine my surprise when  Pastor Dirceu informed me that he had been speaking for months on the 7 steps of  Christ’s descending from the heavens to the cross, and also the 7 steps of  ascension from the grave to the heavens.

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