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Brazil - Spring - 2017
This trip to Brazil brought many unexpected surprises.  I took the journey alone, but as always, my good friend, Pastor Dirceu, met me at the airport and took me out for Brazilian coffee. We had some great talks about what God is doing in the United States and in Brazil.
Interestingly, I spoke to him about what God had put on my heart for this coming year, that there will be  a great reformation in our hearts. A reformation with a similar feel to what Martin Luther did back in Germany with his 95 thesis. 
Pastor Dirceu, then handed me a paper he had written about what God had spoken to him for this new year, in which God had spoken to him the same thing. I was shocked to see yet again, God is speaking to us the same message in different ways.  
Along with this, I spoke at several churches, in which I am good friends with most of the pastors. God would always give me a right on message during my quiet times of what to speak. These churches really encouraged me. They are all growing in the Lord and standing firm, even though some have gone through dramatic changes. 
One of the unexpected surprises were to see several people get up and shared their testimonies how Jesus had healed them when me and Joshua Prior had prayed for them years ago. We didn't even know that had gotten better. They said, after a few days, their medical conditions rapidly improved. I was shocked.
I had the pleasant surprise of being invited to visit my friend Antonio in the Southern city of Curitiba. It was a nice break from my busy schedule in São Paulo. There I visited the Youth With a Mission base, which is like a resort. I also ate like a king with Antonio at a Churrascarria (All you can eat steak). Antonio took me to see many sites as well, I have posted a few picture from here below. 
One of the things that struck me the most was when I spent some time with the kids and teenagers living in the favela that attend Pastor Dirceu's church. They were really on fire for the things of God. I was shocked at how much wisdom and understanding they had o the word of God at such a young age. Most of them were experiencing dreams and visions from the Lord on a regular basis. One of them, a little girl named Haylla, had a vision about me and drew it on a piece of paper. I had no question it was the Lord that showed it to her. It was right on.
On the way back, I had another surprise of meeting up with an old friend and take a tour of New York during my layover.
I love Brazil, I cannot wait to go back. Thank you everyone for your support and your prayers.
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