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Uganda -  2016


Joshua and I were busy talking to so many different people about the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Namely, that He has given us His Holy Spririt who has been given to us to guide and direct us. We spoke to several young teachers at a school who were anxious to know more about how to recognize when it is God’s voice leading them and when it is the voice of deception.

            We spent much time with the children as well, both in the village of Chawolo as well as the town of Tororo. We would begin with a Scriptural themed puppet show, which they went completely crazy over. Next we would give our testimonies with an African English accent in order that they could understand us.

            In Tororo, we ministered by speaking at the TASO AIDS Clinic as well as by praying for the sick in the general hospital. We spoke to the HIV patients in TASO about our former missions coordinator Mark Carmack who was diagnosed with HIV and given only two years to live. Then we told of how God did a miracle in his life and he ended up living for more than 26 years and became an elder in our church and our missions coordinator. 

            Neither I, nor Joshua fell ill this time. In fact, we felt so well that we played soccer and Frisbee three times a week with the kids and young men. We were treated very well by our hosts in the village, TIm and Wilma who kept us very well fed. 

            Tim and Wilma oversee the orphanage and school in Chawolo, and I cannot tell you how much change this place has made in the community. Hundreds of children are getting a world class education that would otherwise have no hope of bettering their lives. The facility they have constructed also offers food for the students and a water well for anyone in the village who needs water. 

            We also spent time with David and Zipporoh Omalla, the parents of Tim, who have changed countless lives in the country of Uganda. David ministered and translated for us wherever we went in Tororo. 

During our layover, we had some great conversations about God with some new friends we made in Amsterdam. It was an awesome trip. We always have many things to offer our African brothers and sisters of the faith, but they offer us many things as well. They walk in a raw power in God and truly have a childlike faith.

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