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Uganda & Kenya 2012

Mark Carmack and myself had an amazing trip preaching, ministering, and watching God perform several miracles in front of our eyes in East Africa. One of the most profound things that happened was watching a child who was paralyzed for one month climb out of the hospital bed and begin walking as we and others were praying for him. This is actually recorded in the video section and you can see this as well as the nurses testimony by clicking on the Video link in the blue circle.


Mark and I were very well-received in the town of Chawolah Uganda. People were asking us to come to their huts  to pray for their relatives, and the children in the orphanage really enjoyed our puppet shows and teaching. In Kenya, we preached at a church that was made entirely out of mud. We were the 1st white people to preach at that church. The leaders in Uganda and Kenya thanked us for our ministry and time, letting us know that many people have been touched by God. Thank you all for your prayers and support for this trip.  I was glad to have such an incredible trip with Mark Carmack before the Lord took him home.

Mark Carmack had a miraculous life and everywhere we went and preached we saw miracles happening. Mark began the missionary program at our church and was a fearless leader who loved everyone he came into contact with. He trained me how to work hard on the missions field as well as how to enjoy the culture and get to know the people.


Josh Jordan

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